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Webcam Camera - Repair Guide


How to fix your webcam problem if driver or software din`t help you

First thing to do is to look in device manager to see if your laptop can detect webcam

How ?

Go to Control Panel then go to System then to Device Manager (easy way to reach device manager)

Now you are in device manager right ? click on your notebook name, in example is Sorin-PC , then Scan for Hardware Changes (see image)

Now is very important, you see my device manager in image ? is clean with NO errors so, if your webcam is not working, there will be a yelow sigh or red.

If is yelow the you need to install PROPER driver , and if is RED then is disabled and you need to enable webcam with right click from your mouse ...is very easy.

If is clean like my device manager, then your webcam is stopped from keyboard and you need to look where is webcam sign and press it with Fn key (both same time)

Go it ? is quite simple to fix.

What to do if webcam camera is not working

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