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HP Envy dv6-7220us - Sound / Audio driver


HP Envy dv6-7220us have integrated HD Sound card and to work proper, you need to  install a genuine driver. New and updated sound driver can be downloaded from here for windows 8 . Drivers are free to download and use. Legal / Legit download.

How to install sound driver :

Download latest driver from download link

Extract downloaded archive (you can use this archiver is safe / better and free)

Now download and install this windows cleaner and run it, scan windows for errors

Now install sound / audio driver

Restart your Laptop HP Envy dv6-7220us

After start up, scan and repair your operating system again and is Done.

HP Envy dv6-7220us

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Also drivers are compatible with laptop models : HP ENVY dv6-7220tx and HP Envy dv6-7220us


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