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Fix Sony Vegas Codec error

An error occurred while opening a codec

Sony Vegas - An error occurred while openning one or more files


How to fix this anoying issue ? "an error occurred while opening a codec" ? if you want to edit your video with Sony Vegas and you get this error ? then is time to fix this by downloading this converter and then convert your file / files to mp4 H.264 or other HD video format or what you need.

How to do that ? You have a guide with how to transform your video file to a better format.

And that is the real FIX.

Just convert your unsupported file to a supported file ! is very simple and FREE.

Only one inconvenient is time ! because any convert will take some time.

You know a better way to fix Sony Vegas An error occurred while opening a codec ? Tell us

This fix will solve : cannot open avi files, not opening my files, vegas codec error, sony have codec error, code issue, fix code not supported by make him supported.

Warning source contains unsupported media or has an invalid directoy structure

Work with : Sony Vegas, Sony Vegas Pro 11, Sony Vegas Pro 12 and more.

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