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Sony VAIO T Series SVT15114CXS


Hi. Take care about your notebook Sony VAIO T Series SVT15114CXS before something unpleasat can happen. So first thing to do, is to download motherboard (chipset driver) from here for windows 7 and windows 8 and install it, run it then restart your notebook. Also you need to access windows update and update your windows at least monthly.

How to update Windows for Sony VAIO T Series SVT15114CXS

Go to control panel and look for Review your computer`s status

Sony VAIO T Series SVT15114CXS

Then look for windows updates

And finaly press check for updates

After the update is finished, restart your notebook and now this notebokk should be safe.

Sony VAIO T Series SVT15114CXS

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Sony VAIO T Series SVT15114CXS

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